7 Sports That Make Getting Life Insurance Hard (or Impossible!)


One of the queries I’ve received over the years is “Will my sport cause Maine issues in getting new life insurance?” the solution in most cases is not any, however there area unit some hobbies which will be a retardant for the underwriters within the nondepository financial institution.
Here may be a list of seven unsound sports that area unit problematic once it involves obtaining insurance.
1. mountaineering. not like their mountain-climbing counterparts, ice climbers area unit in constant danger of inflicting a self-inflicted stab wound from one among their razor-sharp crampons, that is their No. one supply of injury. to not mention the likelihood that the ice they’re mounting could crack and take them down with it.
2. Free running. Free running is jumping from roof to roof at most speed. No ropes, no parachute, no insurance. Free running is practiced in urban areas that feature many railings and concrete walls for participants to leap, flip Associate in Nursingd tumble over in an athletic fashion. I decision it run, jump, bleed.
3. Base jumping. bring up insane! I don’t like wanting down from a tall building, and that i definitely don’t have any need to leap into the unknown from any height. Yes, I will bear in mind once I was a child and wished to fly like superman, however a base jumper? No method. By the way, base-jumping is prohibited within the U.S., unless it’s being performed by knowledgeable at an occasion, thus not solely can you not get insurance, however you’ll find yourself in jail.
4. Heli-skiing. A jock is born from a heavier-than-air craft onto recent white powder in an exceedingly remote section of the mountains, an area wherever there’s no alternative thanks to get there. There’s an opportunity of beginning Associate in Nursing avalanche or falling through Associate in Nursing ice patch, and if you are doing, it’s going to be close to not possible to induce saved.
5. Street luge. Loosely delineated , this can be the equivalent of lying on your skateboard and having your friend push you down Lombard Street in port of entry. Riders on street luge boards will reach seventy mph.
6. Big-wave surfriding. Surfers dream of riding the “big” wave and area unit willing to travel round the world to catch one, and by massive I mean the 50-foot monster. What area unit the risks? Broken bones, drowning, shark attacks. No thanks. i’ll watch this on TV.
7. diving. have you ever considered jumping off a 90-foot cliff? Into water that may want concrete after you hit it? the largest issue isn’t striking the water, as a result of you’ll hit the aspect of the drop-off on the method down; or slam against the rocks within the ocean below you. you may additionally break a hip or incur a neural structure injury by landing feet 1st within the water. If it had been Maine, i’d die of a attack on the method down.
So yes, there area unit sports that solely the terribly brave or foolish ought to participate in, however if you are doing, don’t expect to shop for preferred-rated insurance or maybe any insurance.