Do you Need to File a Police Report after an Accident?


There ar many minor car accidents that happen day after day throughout the us. several of those accidents lead to no injuries and extremely very little to no harm to the vehicles concerned. now and then the harm to the automotive is simply a scratch or a dent, merely cosmetic flaws that will not be to mend. once these kinds of minor automotive accidents occur, many folks surprise if they have to file a police report or if they even got to be according to your insurance company.
Many people assume that once they ar concerned during a minor accident that a police report isn’t necessary. However, if you’re about to look for any form of compensation from the accident, filing a police report can strengthen your case.
Injuries and harm
When concerned in any form of vehicle accident it’s vital to recollect that not all injuries can gift immediate symptoms. it’s doable that you just feel fine when the accident solely to start out experiencing pain and different symptoms in a while. If a police report is filed and your condition was documented it’ll be easier to hunt compensation.
The same may be same regarding the harm to your vehicle. whereas your automotive could seem fine, you’ll discover harm when you allow the accident. Filing a police report can give you with proof to assist recover expenses if damages to your vehicle ar discovered. Overall, filing a police report for any form of accident regardless of however huge or tiny may be a great way to guard yourself.
Importance of Police Reports
In addition to providing proof of associate accident, a police report provides associate unbiased third party report regarding the accident. this will be more practical proof than what’s merely hearsay or the retelling of the story by either you or the opposite person concerned within the accident.
Another vital reason to file a police report is as a result of they’re needed by insurance firms if a private injury cause is filed.
Information provided during a police report includes:
• Location wherever the accident happened
• Date and therefore the time the accident occurred
• Damage to the cars that were concerned within the accident
• Statements from each drivers in addition as anyone that witnessed the accident
The proof provided by a police report can facilitate support your injury or vehicle harm claims and can create it rather more doubtless that you just are going to be reimbursed.
How to File a Police Report
There ar many steps to require when being concerned in associate accident so as to file a police report. First, you may got to phone the police from the realm as before long as doable when the accident happens. Next, once the police arrive you may discuss the main points of the accident with one among the law enforcement officials that arrives at the scene. The peace officer can interview you, the opposite driver, in addition as the other witnesses WHO viewed the accident so as to work out what happened.
Once the police report is filed it’s vital to form positive that you just get a replica of the report. you may got to send a replica of the police report back to your insurance underwriter.
Do You got to Report the Accident to your insurance Company?
If you’re concerned during a automotive accident of any kind you’re contractually indebted to report the accident to your insurance supplier. nearly each insurance policy contains a contract clause that needs any and every one kinds of accidents to the insurance underwriter. However, the contract clause is difficult for insurance firms to enforce altogether things. If there aren’t any injuries and no real harm to the vehicles, you and therefore the different driver concerned within the accident might not decision the police to research. If a police report is filed, several police precincts don’t forward the police report back to the driver’s insurance underwriter. With this being same, in most cases, even during a minor accident, you should probably report the accident to your insurance company in case you need to get repairs done.
State Laws
When it comes to filing a police report after an accident it is important to know what your state laws require. Each state has different requirements for drivers after being involved in an accident.
The state laws will vary based on the type of accident that has occurred as well as where the accident occurred. For example, if you are in a parking lot and you hit an unattended vehicle many states require that you stay with the vehicle until the owner can be located. If you cannot locate the owner of the vehicle you are required to leave a note with your personal information about the incident.
There are some states that do not require a police report if a minor accident occurs in a parking lot. Typically these accidents are minor and the people involved know who was at fault and all of the details of the incident can be worked out between the two parties.
If an accident occurs on the street or a highway, police reports are often required. Even if the accident is minor and both drivers can walk away from the incident, the police may be required in order to help determine fault as well as help with any traffic issues that may arise as a result of the accident.
Overall, filing a police report after any type of accident is typically a good idea. The main reason for this is because it provides evidence for the individual as well as the insurance company should any compensation for personal injuries or damages to the vehicles become an issue. Even if the accident is minor, it is still a good idea to get the police report in order to have some evidence to use in the future if it becomes necessary.